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KVM & OpenVZ Virtualization

With our VPS Servers plans you can either choose OpenVZ or KVM Plan to host your project. Our Virtual Private Servers has special features allowing you to smoothly manage your server.
OpenVZ is the best solution for those who has small business as it shares resources with other VM's. On the other hand KVM Plans intend to give you dedicated resources as it supports Windows ISO Installation.

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our vps plans provides you with the best virtual private servers specifications with better prices. now you can build your own vps to start your own project with the best price.

if you're looking for security, you can rest while you're hosted on our services. our high security layout assure you the best of protection levels.

you can either choose kvm or openvz virtualization. once you decide what fits you more you can navigate to our pricing page.


VPS Servers Features

Here we're listing some features that makes you consider us as your VPS Provider.


All of our servers are mainly located in Europe which provides you with the best network performance and stability.

Control Panel

All of our VPS Servers comes with a flexible control panel to allow you manage your server and OS installations.

SSD Disks

All of our services and Servers are running on real SSD Disks, which ensures you high speed of read/write of data.

High Speed Connection

Our network provides you with high speed connection. All of our VPS's running on maximum network port speed.

Fully-Equipped Features

All VPS Plans comes with full root access, OS reinstallation of your choice and Option to install a cPanel.

Top Security Standards

Our plans feature the highest security standards, utilizing firewalls alongside our own internal security package.

Reliable & Trustful

World DDOS Protection

DDOS attacks are very common in the IT industry. The letters DDOS stand for Distributed Denial of Service. The attack itself is a combination of network power from different computers. These computers combined can create a huge amount of traffic that some servers can’t handle. This will cause errors and will make the website unavailable. We are providing tooling that will detect the incoming and outgoing attack. Our network tools will immediately respond to the attack and take the appropriate actions to precent any further network failures.

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Frequently Asked Questions about the VPS Servers.

What is a VPS?

VPS is short for a Virtual Private Server, which refers to the partitioning of a physical server into multiple servers. You can think of a VPS like a Dedicated Server, where you can enjoy all the components a Dedicated Server offers yet you pay a lower price. Each VPS also features its own OS (Operating System) and allows for separate rebooting. Since each OS receives a specific share of the resources from the physical server, each one is isolated from one another and cannot interfere.

Why should I choose VPS?

A VPS is an excellent choice for web developers, webmasters, resellers, and for those who run resource-intensive websites. Each VPS Plan under Namecheap operates and performs exactly how an independent physical machine would, featuring security and flexibility for your websites, independence from neighbors, full control over your hosting environment, and Dedicated Server power. The best part? It's all at an affordable price.

What is the difference between a VPS and Shared Hosting?

With a VPS, you receive all the power of Dedicated Server Hosting plus the ability to maintain your own set of services and customizable disk space. Here, you can also perform any desired actions from your control panel, without the need to contact our technical support team. With Shared Hosting, however, you have limited administrative access and are not able to customize software configurations.

Do you offer a free trial period?

No, we don't provide a free trial period. But you can get in touch with us to ask about anything you want before you signup.

What VPS hosting plans do you offer?

To find detailed specifications of our VPS packages, please visit OpenVZ Pricing Page or KVM Pricing Page. In this article we will try to give you a short summary of the two types of plans we offer:
OpenVZ Plans
These plans offers you a shared resources virtualization type. which is perfect for people who's looking for general purpose VPS or linux based servers.
KVM Plans
This type of plans gives you a special virtualization method which provides you with separate (Dedicated) resources. This type of VPS's is perfect for small business or people who's looking for Windows ISO OS.

What control panels do you provide?

We provide cPanel as a control panel at an additional fee with both VPS packages. The price is 10 JD per month regardless of the plan.

Also, you can install any other control panel software you need.

What operating systems are available with each VPS plan?

VPS packages can be set up with the following distributions of Linux:

  • Centos
  • Ubuntu
  • Debian
  • Fedora
  • Suse

Noting that each distribution comes with a multiple versions of Each OS. All of the operating systems also available as 32bit & 64bit.
How long will it take to activate my VPS account?

Usually, your VPS Account will be set up immediately once you made the payment. In some cases, your account may require addition verification before your account is being setup.

If verification is not required, the VPS is set up instantly after payment.
However, if you order a VPS with full management, the setup period may take up to 24 hours in order for us to additionally configure the VPS manually.

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